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Provided variance types of fertilizer with different ingredient to make sure meet the best needs of customer.

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We specialize in the identification and trade of a variety of fertilizers in Malaysia. Our soil scientists can confirm the types of fertilizer that would best meet the needs of our clients and we can also work as a professional distributor of a variety of different fertilizer types.

We work with a number of brands across Malaysia including the Agrifert Brand, Agromate Brand, Hap Seing fertilizer and more. Bio-S Agritech is a new type of fertilizer that we also have recently acquired as part of our fertilizer catalog. Our company can deliver support for advice and consultation in picking the right type of fertilizer for your needs. With a number of fertilizers available from our catalog we have established great industry relationships with these companies so that we can continually provide scheduled fertilizer delivery for your needs. Whether you need regular fertilizer to keep your crops growing at their best or occasional fertilizer delivery/consultation we are a company in Malaysia that can provide you with the best quality of support for regular fertilizer delivery.

Our researchers are regularly reaching out in order to find the best new types of fertilizer on the market so that we can provide the best quality of support to our customers. Through our ongoing research and development we can identify the best new products on the market to improve the growth yield of every customer in our contacts list. If you want to learn about the latest advancements in fertilizer from these top companies and more, please contact us today.

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