Fresh Fruit Bunches Trading

We help our clients to sell their fresh fruit bunches to oil mill for further process.


Our training and distribution support services are ideal for business owners that are interested in getting paid directly for their products without having to take them to market or handle transportation costs.  We can arrange trading relationships that allow us to handle the process of harvest, transportation and more.

We work as professional consultancy in agriculture and a big part of our business involves buying directly from landowners so that we can eventually sell and distribute products back to some of our contacts. Working with Hong Bee as a trading company can be a very lucrative relationship for many landowners because they can save time and expense in the process of transportation, setting up discounts with distributors and more.

If you have a plantation or agricultural land and you are interested in selling some of your products directly to a distributor like us, we can handle the process of providing you with a long-standing trading partner. Whether you have just set up a business in Malaysia or you are interested in finding some of the best trading prices on your products, contact us today and we could potentially come to a deal on trading fresh fruit in bunches, oil and a variety of other agricultural products that are native to Malaysia. We treat our trading partners just as we would family. If you would like to learn more about trading with us please contact our staff today to learn more.

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