Harvest fresh fruit bunches with our legal and well trained labor to save your energy, time and cost.

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Our professional harvesters can come out to your location and use a variety of technology and expertise to efficiently perform harvest for you. Rather than having to invest in equipment or bring in extra staff throughout harvest, you could simply outsource your harvesting to our company to ensure that it can be done within very tight time constraints.

Our company has professional extraction methods for removing palm tree oil, fruit bunches and more.  You’ve done the hard work to ensure that your harvest is bountiful, let us make sure that the maximum amount of usable products can be extracted from your plants using our equipment.

Our staff has been performing successful harvests in fruit fields as well as palm fields over several decades. We have all of the right equipment as well as the professional staff to make sure that the process of harvesting go extremely smoothly. If you would like to book us during harvest season be sure to contact us early on so that we can book your spot ahead of time. We can also become your scheduled harvest partners. In many cases we work with the same companies every year to deliver ongoing support as soon as they are ready for their next harvest. Our company can then handle the process of distributing your products for a fee or simply helping out in the process of the harvest and allowing you to distribute your products from your own company.

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