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We offer environment friendly chemical that help to kill the weed without creating any damage to the crops.

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Crop protection requires the right type of pesticides.  Our company can identify the right chemical pesticides based off of the type of farming that you are doing and the plants that you are attempting to grow.  Our soil scientists can make recommendations based off of the ideal type of agrochemicals in Malaysia that you should be using.

With decades of experience in soil science as well as providing pesticide support for fruit trees, palm trees and other types of products we can make sure that all of your crops are well protected with the ideal chemical pesticides.  We get it here to the stringent standards of the type of farming you are attempting or the products that you are attempting to create. As professional chemical consultants, we can trade in pesticides as well as make recommendations for the ideal pesticides for your needs.

Our company deals in a large inventory of products including cypermethrin insecticides, triforine fungicides, 2,4d Dimethylamine herbicides and base sprayers like flutriafol. These solutions are ideal for getting the best in chemical protection for your crops as well as ensuring that you have a consistent stream of chemical and pesticide support for your products. Speak with our trading partners today for ongoing deals and discounts on these types of products in the future. We can even handle the process of distribution and shipping of chemical pesticides directly to your location.

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